HQF eleftherakis


A flawless wood finish is always the result of passionately creative work and attention to detail.
Our company, HQF ELEFTHERAKIS produces unique kitchen and cabinet doors, both modern and classic in style and in any desired
color or size.


HQF ELEFTHERAKIS MIKE is active in the manufacture and trade of lacquered kitchen cabinets, cupboards and linings.
Our company was founded by the Elefterakis family which has been active in furniture dyeing since 1992. The second generation of the family utilizing the know-how and modern equipment (painting robots, sanders, painting ovens) and generally modern facilities, decided to create its own product, which distinguishes impeccable finish and design.
Following the modern needs and the trend of the time, we produce lacquered doors in various designs and with handles. All doors are painted in any shade either in matte, glossy, or gray (goffered) lacquer.

To achieve a flawless finish, we use two-component polyurethane lacquer and cooperate with the largest paint and furniture companies.

Our company's philosophy.

Our vision of supreme customer satisfaction is achieved through the high quality of our products, combined with accessible prices and fast delivery. We always develop a long-term relationship with our customers, based on trust and credibility. We always aim to go above and beyond the needs of our customers, so we place special emphasis on the continuous training of our employees, familiarising them with new evolving technologies and trends.
Our permanent concern is also the direct and qualitative service of our customers by our experienced employees of our company, so we give special emphasis to their continuous training and information on the new products and the requirements of the time as they are formed according to the developments in the Greek and foreign market.

Why choose lacquered doors:

  • Lacquer doors have a long lifespan.
  • The lacquer can be made in any shade we want, without any restrictions.
  • They are resistant to moisture due to the paint materials used.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The lacquer offers a perfect finish and insulation to the socors.
  • Lacquer doors are easily repaired.
  • There is the possibility of drawing on the lacquer, and the possibility of forming a handshake on the MDF.
  • There is the possibility of freshening or changing the colour.
  • Finally, lacquer adds luxury to the space and is timeless. Decorators and architects claim that even over the years lacquer never loses its charm.